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Grakka was made / created by computer specialists with no time to constantly repeat 'graphics card'.
I oc'd my grakka my 5mhz!! (lol :D)
by ICEMAN May 10, 2004
orginated from an old english axiom that refers to the act of making money.

The phrase was first coined by Benjiman Franklin then later evolved to "a penny saved, is a penny earned."
by iceman November 06, 2003
A very tasty drink featured on Homestarrunner.com. Made from melons, duh. Aid's your ade.
A glass of melonade? For me? Thanks, The Cheat!
by Iceman June 21, 2003
implies one was not only handled but handled in a manly way….
As an adjective : Billie was handled by the Priest manfully
As a noun: what a manhandler
by Iceman June 22, 2004
-A car that Mitsubishi designed to ruin the racing industry. Unless it does not have 3 letters after the word Eclipse, it is a waste of plastic!

-Usually the car in the parking lot with the unpainted body kit and wing that taps street lights as it goes by.
"Hey Mike I just hooked my car up with the new SLP intake..."

"Really, I just got put an Eclipse sticker on my windsheild just in case someone cant guess what it is!"
by Iceman March 08, 2005
three homosexual men stand in a triangle and 'beat each others meat' If a fourth participant is present he bakes cookies for the tired jackers afterwords.
A was at my gay friends house and i walked in his room only to find him participating in triangular trade.
by ICEMAN October 20, 2004
A really annoying person who is constantly naked and needs to cover up that tiny naked cock. Usually refers to himself in the thrid person in names such as "stuta" or simply "the stu". DIE STUTA!
Guy 1: Hey isn't that Pat Hadican over there?
Guy 2: Yeah it is, f-in naked man, he sucks.
Hadican(naked man): Hey guys STUTA *while doing retarded arm motions* is in the house!!
Guy 1 & 2: NO, BOOO STUTA!!!
by Iceman March 04, 2004

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