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3 definitions by ibidwell

Murrieta (Murr-town) California. The 44th safest city in the nation. The safest in Riverside County. Also making it 1st on the list of most Copulated city, with more than 30 cops per square mile at all times.
Murrieta has so many cops around, they don't even have time to eat donuts
by ibidwell October 16, 2008
WAL-MART {Wall-mart}

The only time you get a happy greeting before you enter hell
Welcome to WAL-MART!
by ibidwell October 17, 2008
The fastest computer crashing program in the history of all downloads!
Jan: I want to kill my computer, but nothing is working.

Dan: Just download Limewire and it will work quickly and efficiently. It will crash in no time!
by ibidwell October 17, 2008