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Having to repress true feelings as a way to cope with life as you're expected to, without disappointing the enviourment surrounding you. Typically by a leader-type person who is looked up upon, and is trustworthy, especially in dire situations.

Often repressed feelings breed creativity and originality, and are common among artists. As they cannot express their feelings in a common way, they must find another way to express themselves.

OPPOSITE: Panicing mothers worldwide make the mistake of over reacting when their babies are getting hurt, thus causing needless extra stress to the babies. Causing them to over cling to the mother as she has no other friend but them, so they are delaying their development so they won't be lonely when the baby gets independent.
eg Fun-loving John with his feelings repressed
playing the piano charming every lass.

eg When the shit breaks down, you can count on John to get his job done.

eg John draws sketchs once in a while when he has free time on his hands. They are very good, but he keeps them private, as the sketchs he draws are usually unpleasant.

eg John hit his foot by kicking the pavement barefoot. His Mom gave him a warm hug and told him to walk it off. Seeing from a distance he was walking fine, His Mom knew John wasn't hurt.
by iamtemper September 07, 2008

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