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The warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you realise it's actually Friday, instead of the Monday (or tuesday etc) you thought it was. Most often brought on by a public holiday on a Thursday.
Trish: "I wonder if we have a meeting tomor..oh wait, it's Friday today!"

Giggz: "Nice frigasm man."
by iamGigglz January 02, 2009
When the gasses left from crop dusting catch up to you as you sit down. This has the unfortunate effect of giving away the normally anonymous act of crop dusting, as well as assaulting you with your own chemical warfare.
I was crop dusting all the way back from the bathroom, but had a bumpy landing when I returned to the table.
by iamgigglz April 15, 2011
One who owns both a PC and a Mac, claiming no preference for either.

Derived from "Hermaphrodite".

adj. Hermacoditic
Greg owns a PC for playing games, but wants to buy a MacBook for work, saying that both systems are great for their purposes, making him a Hermacodite.
by iamGigglz September 02, 2009

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