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Someone who pleasures himself, and rapes, goats. Typically a blonde male from sweden, they have been known to shove an entire foot up a goats ass.
Stephen is such a goat rapist.

HEY! Dont be a goat rapist!
by iamalex March 31, 2009
A sexual activity invented by the Swedes. The Bass Fetish involves shoving an entire bass guitar up a goats rectum. Occasionally it is possible to also cram an amp in there.
That Swede won't play bass ever since that accident last year with the Swedish Bass Fetish.
by iamalex April 28, 2009
A violently sexual activity involving goats. Similar to a three-way. This is a favorite hobby for people of Swedish decent. Goats enjoy having an entire Swedish baby dick put up their asses.
He just had a Goat-Way.
by iamalex April 27, 2009
Someone who has violent sexual intercourse with both male and female Codfish. Typically known as people from Norwegia, the cod rapist is known for putting entire limbs in a cod. Most salmon will also do.
God damn cod rapists trying to move to Amercia.

What the fuck is wrong with you cod rapist, go fuck a goat. Like the Swedes.
by iamalex April 24, 2009
Someone from the country of Norwegia. Typically well known as total ass holes, the average norwegianian has an I.Q of 42. They would be violent drunks but they're not cool enough to drink, so they just get high of fish testicles. Cod fish raping is a favorite sport for the Norwegianians, as is molestering childeren.
God damn Swedes having a Goat-Way with the Norwegianians.

Norwegianians suck.
by iamalex April 27, 2009
The place Norwegianians are from. Generally well known as a major shit-hole. Has the largest known market for cod-fish rapists. Cod-Raping is a national sport in Norwegia. There have been many attemps to make it a olympic sport. For more information see cod rapist.
That damn norwegianian from norwegia keeps trying to rape my cod.
by iamalex April 22, 2009

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