3 definitions by i_is_2_rood_4_da_chavs

formerly wisbeach. inhabited by the lowest of the low, the stupid, the inbred and the rare breed of half-human, half-tracksuit burberrious wankerous, which is a crude, low-life scallywag who only wishes to obtain cider or a knock off bottle of cheap "voddy" to consume whilst sitting on the swings in the main park.
"Gis ya fookin monay or I'll knife ya, ya big gay ars'ole!"
"Izzit geeza, duz you 'ave a rizla for me, boi?"
by i_is_2_rood_4_da_chavs March 11, 2005
the offcial latin terminology adopted by the vatican to identify the lowly chav. lol. burberrious wankerous is the latin for "lowlife shit eating pikey". use it wisely, unless surrounded by chavs... they won't comprehend...
Thou art a foul member of the family "burberrious wankerous". Go away and stop pestering me, lowly dole scum.
by i_is_2_rood_4_da_chavs March 11, 2005
a person (usually of pikey/chavish descent, or other sub-human piece of shit) highly skilled in the art of cleansing the rectal cavities of passing strangers. wears 'bling bling' and drives a shagged out 'rood boi' nova or similar cheap/easy to steal car.
You god-damn chavver rude boi!
by i_is_2_rood_4_da_chavs March 10, 2005

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