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A chicester face lift comes from the townie culture.It is where the female variety of toenie scrap the often badly bleached and geled hair back so tight from theirs faces it lifts the skin to achieve a cheap face lift. One often wonders when the hairstyle is removed at night, weather the face collaspes into a heap of wrinkles with out its carefully engineered support.
A face lift without sugery!!!
by i_am_a_pirate December 01, 2004
A swill is very similar to a chav or a townie, infact i think think they are the same thing. Any way a swill is a person that usually listens to really bad music like chart crap and rap. Girl swills tend to be very tarty,wear lots of burberry von dutch and any other thing thats supposed to be fashionable and cheap looking and wear lots of "bling" fake gold jewellery. They also tend to scrap all their hair back and tie it up on the top of their heads and they wear make up thats looks like it's been applied with a shovel. Boy swills tend to be very stupid. They like to wear track suits and like nike. They also like bling and wear baseball caps so the the top bit sticks right up in the air making them look like dickheads. They also like burberry.
Go watch vicky pollard on little britain and you will find out.
by i_am_a_pirate November 29, 2004

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