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A peter puffer with smelly dick breath, has more stds then front teeth and sucks dick for skittles. JUST KIDDINGGGG! A fucking hot as hell breed of female that has track runner legs and a slender figure (which is sexy) blonde hair and tan skin that makes you think her dad fucked a lion along the way. also very hot. Is hilarious and the type of person you can stay on msn all night with having random convos about god knows what. Nice and approachable despite her being the fucking hottest person you know. once she gets older will be the reason guys openly beat it in gym class. Easy to talk to and makes friends with anyone, even a beaner with limited english named pablo
Me: dude... why cant that chick be a couple years older. im bout to nut that shit

Guy 2: WHO!?!?!?!?!

Me: ...Carlie
by iWatchPornnnn June 07, 2011

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