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An overly, creepy, work colleague who excels in sinister innuendo and hits on every female member of staff, with younger women being preferred.

Usually balding, and overweight, with unassuming features.

Has an uncanny knack of making even the most thick-skinned employees feel uncomfortable during his presence.
Ted: Have you met Uncle Fingers working in accounts?

Sally: Yeah he hit on me, the other day, in the break room.

Ted: Serious?!

Sally: Yeah! I needed a fucking shower after he'd asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Miley Cyrus concert...
by iTal June 30, 2011

To break a shop window and steal the contents within.

To riot and then loot.

To crash a stolen car, into a shop. The stealing the contents, removing them in the stolen car.
Jimmy: You coming around to watch the football?

Frank: No mate, it's kicking off in the city. Police are stretched so I'm off for a bit of crash and carry.
by iTal August 12, 2011
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