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/ \

This Is Bob. He is going to take over YouTube and stuff..
Examples of "Bobs, who might take over YouTube. But probably not."

Example 1:

/▌ This Is Bob. Copy And Paste him.
/ \ So he can take over youtube.

Example 2:

/ \ ☻ _
This is Bob, copy and paste this if you think
he is a piece of shit and can't take over a cardboard box.
by iSelektALotOfThingsButNotMode April 11, 2009

- r u serious?!
- u gotta be kidding me!
- im not amuzed.


example 1:

dude 1: i just gave my gf a dirty sanchez
dude 2: ಠ_ಠ

example 2:

weirdo 1: a unicorn just ate my virginity
weirdo 2: ಠ~ಠ
by iSelektALotOfThingsButNotMode March 27, 2009

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