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Dammit, monster, I ain't givin' you no tree-fiddy!
by iRepMyDougie March 17, 2011
The act of scratching another person's genitalia, immediately forcing them to smell your hand.
My dad locked me in the garage and gave me the nastiest Dirty Bruce E.V.E.R!
by iRepMyDougie March 17, 2011
The reason why I used to have NO friends whatsoever...
Lonely Man 1: "Do you wanna play some Runescape with me?"

Lonely Man 2: "Fuck that! I got better things to do than cut down a damn tree and stab a dragon with a poisonous dagger!"
by iRepMyDougie March 17, 2011
The word yelled by a bald man with a handlebar mustache and Down's Syndrome...Occasionally, he wears a red helmet and a tight, white tank top around town. He also likes to skateboard in his spare time.
Steve - "Hey, get the hell off my lawn!

Guy with Down's Syndrome - "SHPOOPLE!"
by iRepMyDougie April 06, 2011

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