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the name of a girl who tends to have a good connection with animals, especially horses and dogs.

Ronjas usually have a good sense of humour (but they may not get all jokes) and they are very open and VERY unique in their own way.
They have many talents but don't show them as much as they could, and are very good at expressing themselves and they are confident and good at acting.
The name comes from European countries like Austria and Germany.

They have good academic abilities especially in the sciences and they are always extreemly creative.
Conversations with Ronjas can seem like "De ja vu". They tend to talk about "close" animals.
Luca:Hey Ronja!
Isabelle: It's not said like that. It's Ron - ya!
Ronja: Yeah. TURD.

Ronja: OH! and Alfie is sooo cute! It's annoying how he can't eat potatoes anymore though... Stupid Alergies!
Emma: (whispers) She's said this like a billion times I'm gonna go and watch Skins.
Kareemah: Yeah same.

(walk off)
Ronja: HEYYY dont go! I haven't finished telling you about my Grans dog!
Kareemah and Emma: *sigh*
by iOweYouAnApplex April 08, 2010

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