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Was originally featured in MXC (most extreme elimintion challenge on Spike TV) as the last name of several contestants. Actually, the name was "babaganoush," but was mis-heard by many as "babakadouche"; consequently used as a random, and hilarious, insult.
"Hey, babakadouche, you owe me some fucking money."

"Did you hear what Mike Vaughn did?!??!!?"
"Yea, what a babakadouche."
by iK June 20, 2007
Adminstrator guy at EmuworldDC hub, emuworlddc.com, who forgot to pay his ISP bills.

He is missed.
15:23 <iK> i miss s0v. :(
by iK June 15, 2003
A pronuciated version of 'lmao' done by iK on nub radio.
Lamo? Lumao? Lumafo!
by iK June 15, 2003
The most sexy leeb op in Jit's Evil Gamging.
15:56 <S0V13T> All hail iK!
by iK March 26, 2003
A derogatory term for a show with absolutely no comedic value; an absolutely worthless waste of time that appeals only to those who are easily entertained...VERY easily entertained.
Wow that show was fucking Everybody Loves Raymond.
by ik January 11, 2004

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