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The act of drinking upon waking up, usually in the presence of other drinkers. Done in college for the most part.
*Phil walks into Arthur's room*

"'Ello govna, care to wake'n'drank this week-end?"

"Arthur got really drunk that night, but only because he wake'n'drank'd"

*Phil lights a cigarette outside*
"I fucking LOVE waking'n'dranking."
by i81u812didntu? March 04, 2009
A phrase that is yelled, in exultation, upon seeing a plentiful surplus of limes to be utilized in cocktails and other alcoholic mixed drinks later in the night. The perfect ratio of acids to sugars make limes an ideal compliment to any drink.
*Erin opens up Marshal's refrigerator*

"Oh my god, SO MANY LIMES!"
by i81u812didntu? March 04, 2009
The state of being casually, sociably or lightly buzzed for inordinate amounts of time, e.g., a few days. Permafrosting usually involvs drinking upon waking up, and continuing to do so into the night (see: wake'n'drank.) Usually done on weekends or short vacations in foreign countries with a warm climate.
"Doesn't that gentleman look jovial?"
"Yes, I believe he's been permafrosting."

"Good morning Ms., care for a cocktail?"
"Yes, quite."
"Let us permafrost."
by i81u812didntu? March 04, 2009

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