15 definitions by i3igcheese

to break the cookies up after reaching into the jar.problem solver.
mike how do you get into that chics pants?

dunno ask cookiecrumbler
by I3igCheese October 23, 2006
The misunderstood person really a nice guy often forgotten.

Pr Guru for Saatchi and saatchi manipulative genius

NZD messageboarder with big as gonads

neighbours dog that humps your leg
help ma help sumbuddy halp ma

wha da fook mr-friendly doesn't care halp yo salf
by I3igCheese October 23, 2006
how a master gamer says hello to a fucktard .. almost spat out .. you are a fucktard boiy.

male n00b gamer

I3igCheese: thats 45 kills to your 1 boiy

your a haxor big cheese I'm gunna tell the admin
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
Technique to get rid of cottage cheese on women that use the internet too much. particularly dating site's message boarders. Gripping a loofa between there ample butt cheeks they roll from side to side on there chairs the loofa doesn't help that much for the cheese but it gets them hot and wet
hey martha I got a hot date off this nz dating site .. But I got cottage cheese all over my fat ass cheeks.

No worries kay heres a loofa do some spongedulation on that fooker
by I3igCheese October 23, 2006
A course taken as you enter the interwebs. Everybody takes trouble101 for the first year then they move on to just trouble year 2 etc etc .. graduation from trouble is never complete.
I just got a viagra popup on my puta kay.

so what! thats so 101. now fuck off n00b

This is such a trouble101. I have to use it in a friggin sentence wtf
by I3igCheese October 31, 2006
Very large posterior. see venus williams

Fat ass, big bum, kiwi girls
Yo mr witherspoon lets get sum mungna down in new zealand I've heard they all have fat arse's down there.

Ok dave that sounds most spiffing
by I3igCheese October 23, 2006
another name for money .. As in Johny Cash ..

used by dave in rotovegas . he ain't got eftpos so he only takes johny's
Can I use my credit card to pay you dave?

Nah sorry mr ..I only take johny's

Whats a johny dave?

It's cash . you know like johny cash

well I only have a credit card dave

Well mr you had better walk the line to the hole in the wall mr
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
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