3 definitions by i-slapped-stupid-twats

shocked or in surprise by something generally random
"wah.What the fuck was that!!"
"wah.It hapened again. wah!!"
by i-slapped-stupid-twats May 15, 2006
1)Celebration in life or on computer.
2)Meaning "yay" or "shit" depends how u say it.
3)Like saying "im cool!!!"
2)a. "WOOT! My football team won!"
b. "Oh WOOT! This sucks like a vacumn cleaner!"
by i-slapped-stupid-twats May 16, 2006
mostly known as "what the fuck" but have also seen extended versions as in WTFIHD (what the fuck is he doing) or WTFIT (what the fuck is that)
u can make your own!
"W T F ?!?! he's jumped of the kerb Oh my Gosh!!"
"WTFIHD with his hand! Actually i dont wanna know!"
"WTFIT! It looks like a spastic monkey. Ill name him Simon! Still, WTFIT!!"
by i-slapped-stupid-twats May 15, 2006

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