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National Forensic League. An excuse to socialize all day and get naked with various other people on a bus. Probably the most fun you'll have in your life if your not an unsocial loser. A place to make great friends and do a variety of otherwise inappropriate things.
speecher: "I'm now officially part of the NFL!"
non-speecher: "National Football League?"
speecher: "No. The one with intelligent people..."
#national forensic league #speech #speech team #debate #speech club
by i love turtlez May 24, 2011
Often seen as a term of endearment; this word could mean:
1) one who eats a lot of vegetables.
2) a vegetarian who happens to be a slut
3) a playful name for a friend who happens to be a vegetarian
4) someone who eats a wide variety of veggies
Kelsey, the vegetarian, was called a veggie slut after cheating on her boyfriend
#vegetarian #veggie whore #vegetarian slut #herbivore slut #herbivore
by i love turtlez May 25, 2011
1)an excuse to wake up at 5a.m. and jump into freezing water
2) a reason to jump into a shower naked with several other people of the same sex.

3) a great way to look at people of the opposite sex in bathing suits
4) an excuse to eat 5 meals a day and not gain a pound
5)the only sport that gives you hickeys
mother: is that a hickey on your neck?

child: nope, its from my swim suit.
#swim suit #diving #sports #showers #pools
by i love turtlez May 24, 2011
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