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6 definitions by i dunno

a living nightmare
i hate school!!!
by i dunno March 31, 2003
to be sexually active, to have sexual intercourse.
Nicole loves to copulate with Bryan.
by i dunno March 31, 2003
an inferior species that lives mainly on planet earth
hey look! those stupid humans are trying to get into space!
by i dunno April 23, 2003
When a student at Bergen County Academies does something stereotypical of him/her.

i.e. looking up graphs that "look cool" and graphing them on a calculator.
Look at Steve graphing those "cool graphs", thats such a BCA moment.
by i dunno March 25, 2005
damn, fuck, darn, shit, crap, etc.
Flabergast! I got a 32 on the test! :(
by i dunno March 28, 2005
any kid who likes blondes; blondes
nate is going out with that idiot. Allison is such an idiot
by i dunno March 02, 2005