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A small shitty town in north-eastern Minnesota. Carlton is nestled near Jay Cooke State Park and the Duluth/Superior metro (if one dares to call it that)area. Carlton resides in Carlton County. Well known for it's undereducated and pervasive police force--Carlton County Sheriffs Department. Over time it has developed the monicker "Hazard County of the North", a direct refference to the television series "Dukes of Hazard".

Origanally a railroad town, Carlton is now mostly a place where old people go to die and the young wish they were old. There is absolutley nothing redeamable about this town; you can't even eat the fish in the St. Louis River.
random urbanite observer: "Is that kid on drugs? I mean he reeealy looks fucked up."

duluthian: "Oh yah, that kid. He's ah from Carlton dontcha know."

random urbanite observer: "Really!?"

duluthian: "you-betcha"

by hydromatt August 06, 2007
A super high grade of marijuana. Kush was developed by a very good bud breader name Kyle Kushman. There are now many varieties of kush available today such as O.G. Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Kyle's Purple Kush. Unfortunatly kush has been popularized by rap music.
buyer: What the fuck?! You're charging me $75 fucking dollars for an eighth?!!

dealer: shiiet niggah it's kush, fiddy cent rapps 'bout dis shiiet.
by hydromatt July 29, 2007

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