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Knickname for Howard County, Maryland, the third richest county in America in suburban Baltimore where there is a vast army of police dedicated to busting average citizens for smoking small amounts of weed and other such petty charges. Driving through Howard County, you guaranteed to see 5-10 cop cars and have one in your rearview mirror within the driving time of ten minutes on any given day. This is because Howard County is very safe yet scared shitless mostly wealthy White suburbanites overfund the police force. Driving while not an old man/woman over 40 is a guarantee you will be pulled over. Boys from Baltimore City and PG County know not to come out to Hazard County because they will be locked up and punished to the maximum extent of the law if they so much as wipe their asses wrong. K-9's and armed officers are deployed for as much as a noise disturbance in Hazard County.
Person 1: "Yo meet me up at Columbia Mall."

Person 2:: "Hell no, I'm not going to Hazard County. You know I stay with an eighth of loud and I'm on probation. I'ma stay in the city."
by Gotstafeelme July 09, 2012
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