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the game that will inevitably come out in the year 2078 after the other 23 Halos

Game Freak: Yo DUDE! Did u hear? Halo 24 is coming out!!! Apparantly, Masterchief's great-great-great-grandson found a new alien species and is killing them over for the 57th time!!!!!! SO COOL!!! LOL!!!
Game Freak 2: HOLY CRAP! SERIOUSLY? That's like the most original and unexpected plot ever man!!!!
by hw sucks September 15, 2006
the savior of the internet
cool guy: suck it and get mozilla firefox
by hw sucks September 15, 2006
1.synonym to shit

2. the ideal internet browser for fags and queers, aol explorer is sponsered by Douchebags R' Us
this homwork is a piece of aol explorer
by hw sucks September 15, 2006
HP, stands for Holy Papathiscomputersucksass

and yes, your laptop power socket will freakin die after a year or two and thus force you to buy a new computer,
Hewlett Packard's desktops aren't entirely disgraceful though
in the area of laptops, Hewlett Packard is about as efficient as dial-up internet
by hw sucks September 13, 2006
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