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The place south of the Canadian border. Has nice people in it, as well as pricks. Powerful government, if sometimes self-serving and misleading.
The United States is okay.
by huzzah November 03, 2003
The act of ejaculating on the face of the individual you are having sex with, then proceding to punch them in the face, giving them a bloody nose.
I gave that chick a bloody cheese cake last night, she didn't stick around long after that.
by huzzah October 27, 2004
Grabbing a person around the neck, lifting them up and shoving them backfirst into a wall.
Holy shit, he got chokeslammed so hard he was in the hospital!
by huzzah October 24, 2003
Very likely cooler than you.
Dano is so omglikewhoa.
by huzzah October 26, 2003
A synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming; used in treating heroin addiction
by huzzah October 17, 2003

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