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Sexual intercourse involving one female and many males. Also known as a train, track meet, or a fiasco. Derives from the term Gang Bang.
"Damn i heard she was a runner, they threw a gangsta party on that pussy the other night!"
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
Sexual intercourse involving track stars (runners, hoes, skeeos, bustdowns, etc.) and multiple males. Also known as a gangsta party, fiasco, train, etc. Derives from the meaning of a runner, or a bitch who gets fucked (ran) by many males.
That bitch liz is a track star, when she gets drunk, niggas be throwin track meets on that pussy
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
Sexual act including a female and many males. Called a fiasco cuz the shit gets out of hand!
oh she is a bust down? FIASCO!!
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
A black person who acts white, hangs out with whites, and tries/wishes he or she was white. You can tell some one is a Jonathan if you see a black man wearing a small collard shirt which usually a fruity color (pink, yellow, light blue) and booty hugging jeans. Usually these people are gay.
1st person: Ey nigga look at that jonathan over there with the small yellow collard shirt.

2nd person: where at

1st person: over there by the white kids in front of the Abercrombie & Fitch store

2nd person: oh hahahaha what a homo
by hustla May 20, 2006

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