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4 definitions by huSTLa

Sexual intercourse involving one female and many males. Also known as a train, track meet, or a fiasco. Derives from the term Gang Bang.
"Damn i heard she was a runner, they threw a gangsta party on that pussy the other night!"
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
22 29
Sexual intercourse involving track stars (runners, hoes, skeeos, bustdowns, etc.) and multiple males. Also known as a gangsta party, fiasco, train, etc. Derives from the meaning of a runner, or a bitch who gets fucked (ran) by many males.
That bitch liz is a track star, when she gets drunk, niggas be throwin track meets on that pussy
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
17 38
Sexual act including a female and many males. Called a fiasco cuz the shit gets out of hand!
oh she is a bust down? FIASCO!!
by huSTLa June 05, 2006
9 39
A black person who acts white, hangs out with whites, and tries/wishes he or she was white. You can tell some one is a Jonathan if you see a black man wearing a small collard shirt which usually a fruity color (pink, yellow, light blue) and booty hugging jeans. Usually these people are gay.
1st person: Ey nigga look at that jonathan over there with the small yellow collard shirt.

2nd person: where at

1st person: over there by the white kids in front of the Abercrombie & Fitch store

2nd person: oh hahahaha what a homo
by hustla May 20, 2006
107 636