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1 definition by hushhushhush

man who works for a school who may or may not have a pole up his bum also he could be crucial to his health for him to get laid i would also not get in trouble with this man or could result in missing your entire day of classes standing out side his office for him to talk to you for all of 2 minutes but you still do not know what happend in math french english geo history or music a and beware he say no to everything and does not like to get his mustache dirty or wet and will call you his favorite student but then suspend expelled or yell at you many times.
Reiner: you are my favorite student bob
(after recess when bob punches sue in the face)
(bob then misses all of his classes and early bus)
( 3 mintues before late bus)

Reiner im going to call your mom and tell her you are suspened from school tomorrow
bob yes
Reiner yes SIR THATS SIR
bob yes sir
Reiner ok you can go to late buses
by hushhushhush May 21, 2009
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