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A violent individual who partakes in attacking random fans in a basketball game.
I was at the pistons game and got my ass kicked by Ron Artest
by Hugh Jass December 05, 2004
for times when 'damn' just doesn't cut it. The expression just doesn't give off the appropriate feeling
He showed me how to kill a man with my bare hands and I was like damb bih'
by Hugh Jass July 29, 2003
Well doobage is what is made out of the plant that lives out in the backyard, known as doobs by stoners, or marijuana by the townsfolk.
"Hey man, we got doobage now. Ohhhhhhh damn this stuff the shit man!"
by Hugh Jass April 18, 2004
The long-haired, redneck, rock 'n' roll son of Detroit who is famous for his hard rockin concerts, once being married to Pammy, and mixing hip-hop into his hard rock act. His greatest songs (so far) are -Bawitdaba
-Fuck Off
-Only God Knows Why
-What I Learned Out On The Road
-I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right
-Midnight Train To Memphis
-Rock 'N' Roll Pain Train
-Feel Like Makin' Love
-Jackson, Mississippi
-Cold and Empty
Kid Rock is frickin awesome rap-rocker from Michigan.
by Hugh Jass February 12, 2005
1) High quality marijuana usu. grown indoors and through the use of hydroponic growing methods. Nugz are typically seedless and when harvested and trimmed have a nugget-like appearance, hence the use of nugz, for short.
Those neo-tuts I picked up last night were bone dry and are some of the best nugz I've had all month.
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
The revolt and protest organized by people who hate or disagree with Yo mama jokes. These uproars of protest and disgust usually come from mothers, and sometimes fathers. Most of the time they are posted via Internet or emailing to sites, but occasionally mobs of moms will get really physical. Here is a prime example of protest: this message left by a working mom on www.joke-pages.com:

"You can kiss my two cakes togetha losers!!! You all dissin me on dis here computer callin me FAT when you da fat asses eating yo krispy kremes and stickin it around yo penis's and dilly do's!!!!
I'm tired of all these yo momma jokes, I mean seriously, what about yo fatha?!?!! I mean I fuckin pissed a fuckin baby, jesus fuckin christ. And you all callin me a fatty cakes!!!"
-From: Yo Motha; 8/24/2004
Thousands of angry mothers were tired of all of the snaps and insults aimed towards them, so they finally began to start fighting back. They organized a Yo mama joke protest that paraded down 5th Street.
by Hugh Jass February 23, 2005
a feebal penis not up for the job at hand
go and show your mum your chinese tool
by hugh jass September 22, 2003

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