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Someone who looks like they had their faced pinched together with a giant hand. Pinched nose and sloping forward face.
Hey, look at that lady with the pinched face. She looks like an elf.
by hugedumps October 08, 2005
Someone who has no ass. When you look at their ass it's sloped down flat and inwards.
Look at that chick with the slope ass. Gross!
by hugedumps October 08, 2005
An Elf Shoe is a description of a certain shape of a turd. Usually the turd is long and thin and curled at the end, resembling an "Elf Shoe".
Phil walked into the bathroom stall at his work when he was thoroughly disgusted when he witnessed an elf shoe shaped turd resting on the bottom of the toilet bowl.
by hugedumps February 04, 2010
Someone with a big fat greasy overhanging belly.
Look at that fatass. His gristle gut is hanging out of his shirt. What a slob.
by hugedumps October 09, 2005
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