2 definitions by hueby jeebies

Captain rockin' ass friend with a barbed wire beard of doom. He likes to pet his kittens all day. He drinks his natty lites with one hand plays guitar with another hand and commands da ladies to make him samiches with another. You can't make him bleed his own blood only bleed his sweet baby rays which lathers himself up in.
Tyee is the mash potatoes with my steak dinner
yeah holmes sandwich time bizznatch.
by hueby jeebies November 01, 2010
the demon spawn of hell. spewd from the deepest darkest pits of satan's nightmares. fueled by the sorrow of the dead and dying as well as the pain and suffering of all who know his name. This apocolypse takes form in the shape of the one thing no one expects... a pet turtle.
1. oh look at the cute little turtle.


yurtle did him in.

2. yurtle has scrunched into his shell this means

another civil war in africa has broken out.
by hueby jeebies November 01, 2010

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