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Did you know that today's weed is four times more potent than the weed Snoop rapped about in '92? That doesn't mean that it would've made Snoop an even better rapper, but it DOES mean that just because Snoop and perennial nipple-pasty-wearing-tongue-wagger Miley Cyrus smoke it, doesn't mean it's safe for the teenage brain. What's Your HighQ? is a quiz that tests how much you know about today's weed -- and why it's more unsafe for acne-ridden teens than it is for adults. Take the quiz at WhatsYourHighQ.com.
You must be baked out of your mind, your HighQ is a 73. Your score is lower than Forrest Gump. You really need to do read more than High Times if you're going to find out What's Your HighQ?
by HowHigh December 05, 2014
yo bitches this be half a gram. runs $10
i smoke a dime and i start speakin my mind
by howhigh April 10, 2003
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