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Kogyaru is a subculture of conspicuous consumption among girls and young women in urban Japan which emerged in the 1990's. Kogyaru are known for wearing platform boots, a miniskirt, copious amounts of makeup, hair coloring (usually blonde or brown), artificial suntans, and designer accessories. If in school uniform, the look typically includes skirts pinned very high and loose socks. Kogyaru are also known as kogal, or kogaru.

References: Episode 6 third Season of BBC's Japanorama documentary.
Japan Forum website http://www.mynippon.com/gainippon/kogal.htm
Steven Kippel not knowing anything about Japanese subculture mistook the kogyaru for a prostitute resulting in damage to his chin chin.
by Art_izan February 18, 2009

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Used to describe Japanese prostitutes that dress like schoolgirls (as most of them are still in school).

Also known as kogal, or kogaru.
With the boom of anime, and the incrediblly high price of a japanese schoolgirl's lifestyle, you can find many kogyaru in Tokyo.
by Steven Kippel August 23, 2004