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2 definitions by hotlipsluv

The French name Annette means - A form of Ann, from the Hebrew for "full of grace." Shes usually outgoing,fun,gets along with all,& is very intelligent. Though her temper may be a lit fuse if you mess with any of her family or friends.
Annette's are hot,sassy,sexy, and intelligent always
by hotlipsluv February 06, 2010
KImberly is someone who given the chance will lie,deceive & plot to get pregnant at every chance. Also tell others what they want to hear in order to get her way. She trusts no one & loves herself only. No matter the pain she may inflict on loved ones,she is fully willing to lie. Shes a cancer upon many.
Kimberly is Bad for the soul,spirit,eyes & body in whole
by hotlipsluv March 06, 2010