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A person who wildly spends money that they just aquired. Once the money is spent he/she will likely be broke again for some period of time, typically one month when the next government check arrives. See also nigger rich.
Don't go spending all your money like a nigger on Saturday night.
#nigger rich #nigger #new money #welfare #welfare check
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
From Sancho spanish slang for the man a woman is cheating with, with the addition of 'ito' at the end, describes the sancho as 'little', or of being a boy rather than a man. See also sancho
If Sanchito knows what's good for him... he best go run and hide. sublime
#sancho #lover #pussy #punk #sublime
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
A persons own personal view or understanding which is entirely subjective. Often given to others unsolicited, and unwelcomed.
Opinions are like assholes... everyones got one and they all stink!
#asshole #jerk #jerkoff #asswipe #shithead
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
Military call sign for the letters W T, short for white trash. Can be used to communicate secretly even in the presence of white trash. Obviously more popular as slang within the military community. Credit to Chico from the Peleliu.
Whiskey tango, three o'clock.
Interpretation: Look at the white trash to your right side.
#white trash #whitetrash #cracker #scum #scumbag
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
Short for Beelzebub, AKA the Devil or Satan, according to a song by Stephen Lynch titled by the same name.
My real name is Beelzebub, but you can call me Beelz!
#beelzebub #devil #satan #anti-christ #martha stewart
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
To do something (insert verb) or be something (insert noun) to a very high degree as if to fill the entire room with it.
(insert verb/noun) it up

verb: He's not very good. I mean he's really stinking it up.

noun: That girl is such a slut. Does she always have to whore it up like that?
#do it up #blank me up #entirely #completely #overly
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
Slang for anus because of it's usefulness in cutting tirds. See also poop cutter and shit cutter.
Look at the tird cutter on that slut!
#poop cutter #shit cutter #pooper #asshole #anus #brown eye #ass
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
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