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1 definition by hornygal

He slowly undressed her and laid her on the bed. He began to kiss her but soon he slid his lips down her neck and to her breasts. He kissed won her stomache and teasingly licked along her hips. She whimpered so he kissed down to her pussy and kissed her there. She let out a soft moan. He slid his tongue inside her slowly and licked her all around in her pussy. When she moaned louder, he thrusted his tongue in her faster and harder. He tongue fucked her until she was nearly out of breath. He stuck a finger in her and made a 'come here' motion and made her gasp. He put another finger in and began to lick around her pussy. He got his fingers wet with vaginal fluid. He pulled a finger out while still licking her and finger fucking her. He stroked her clitoris until it was hard and erect like he was and then began to finger fuck her deep, hard, and fast. He made an O over her clitoris and began to suck it softly. She moaned. He sucked harder and harder until she began to scream and try to pull away. He pushed her down more and ate her out until she orgasmed.
My boyfriend Brandon and my friend Stephenie came over and Stephenie tricked me into my bed and she came up ontop of me and started to eat out. i was angry at her but then she did it hard and fast and i just became too hoprny to deny her permission. after her, brandon ate me out. i ate stephenie out and gave brandon a blowjob. i love being eaten out. i just get too horny sometimes.
by hornygal June 27, 2011
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