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A fun variation of Fuck You!
"Fuhque! Im gonna take my hat and go get hie}."
by hollistercoiner February 06, 2004
The exchangable lid/bowl for the beast. Different size hats hold different amounts of weed.
"Man, we got a lot of people hitting the beast. Throw on the 'party hat' will ya."
by hollistercoiner February 06, 2004
The best home made smoking device ever. A small spaghetti jar with a hole drilled in bottom and side, and the cap has a nut JB welded on top with holes beneath it. Use as a waterfall bong with the help of a friend. Perfect hits, everytime.
"the beast will fucking tear you up!"
by hollistercoiner February 06, 2004
used to describe the effects of marijuana in texts.

Makes the meaning clear. Not "hi" or "High."
"Wanna go get hie?"
by hollistercoiner February 07, 2004
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