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*.* This guy is 1/4 of AAR!
Oh so cool, and very nice looking!!
Saw them live, and his hair was rocking!!! He has one mighty do!
Nick Wheeler rocks *.*
'WOW Nick Wheeler did the lip thing when he was rocking on stage!!!'
by Hollie November 28, 2003
a girl who can deep throat a toothbrush and gives lots of incredible head.. preferably named Laura(duq)
Damn! Look at oral b, she gettin him off in a min flat, shes a damn pro!
by hollie January 10, 2005
A cool band who toured with The All-American Rejects.
'Justin from Limbeck is..*WOW!*'
by Hollie November 28, 2003
It was an idea i had when i was on the phone to the bestest person on the planet lol! It is slang for that hole u piss out of.
haha that's the wrong hole you fool, that's my piddle pipe!!

i pee from my piddle pipe.

i just secreted urine from my piddle pipe.
by Hollie March 13, 2005
Comes from the french for "super cool"
Hey did you go to the concert? It was superg cool.
by Hollie May 13, 2004
Lol chabaz! The french term for 'to earn' or in a loners case..... to earn respect. Aka tiff! Lololololol lyl!
Tiff.... pour gagner!
by Hollie October 19, 2004
The process in which a young lad goes through 'gay cravings' such as Queer Eye 4 Da Straight Guy' re-runs, hanging around London wit gay men and dressing like George M!
I'm going through a pooftaismeonican stage in my life!
by Hollie October 08, 2004
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