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A homo that takes it in the butt from his soon to be drill instructor. A dunhel makes many strange gay man noises as well. If you are straight you will always feel a sense of discomfort in the room.
Look at that dunhel hes smoking that pole like a dunhel.
by hoeses August 02, 2010
A person that neglects both wife and children to spend hundreds of dollars a month on bad html games. A tankarelli is easily spotted by their bad hygiene and their lack of ability to realize they suck. He also is known to set up his webcam just to pretend like he is cybering with himself. This word can also be used in replacement of the word arrogant.

(AKA thrashss)
Man look at that tankarelli i bet he pleasures himself to pictures of himself. Man that prick was tankarelli.
by hoeses August 03, 2010

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