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a woman who has overcome much, and - upon learning who she is - has bloomed into an amazing, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, funny, gifted and caring person, who I love with all my heart.
When I first met her, she was coming out of a really shitty relationship. But since she is sensing who she is and waht she wants, she is one, hot Leslie.
by hochullain April 07, 2010
The sound uttered when one contemplates a particulary pleasant experience, especially on involving mind-blowing sex
"Hey...I think I can sneak away for a few days. We could forget about everything else and spend 3 days in bed. What do ya think?"

by hochullain April 07, 2010
A male who overcompensates for his deepest desire to dress like a Catholic schoolgirl and be ridden all night long by the Washington redskins offensive line by pretending to enjoy manly things.
"Jonathon got into another brawl after shooting all day during the snowboarding trip."

"Yeah, but he winked at me NOT in a "Hey, Bro" way. He's such a Leighton homosexual."
by hochullain April 21, 2010
To be totally filthy, stained, soiled or grungy.
"Man, did you see Andy today? His shirt had mustard stains, his pants were wrinkled. Ansd his shoes had never seen polish. He was OUTLANDERISH
by hochullain April 06, 2010

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