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When you inappropriately pause before answering a serious question or during the process of answering a serious question. Coined by Jerry Sandusky when pausing after asked by Bob Costas if he was sexually attracted to young boys.
Keith gave a Sandusky pause when asked by his HR rep if he was masturbating in front of Erin Andrews.

HR rep: Keith, did you or have you ever masturbated in front of Erin Andrews?

Keith: Masturbated in front of Erin Andrews? What? Like jerk off? In front of Erin Andrews? Are you serious? Come on. Masturbate in front of Erin Andrews? No. I--what? That's silly. I would never masturbate in front of her. No. I didn't masturbate in front of her.
by hoboscratch1 November 15, 2011
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