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Masturbating while in heavy traffic because you are so bored there is nothing else to do.
Guy1: Man were you in that traffic jam yesterday?
Guy2: Ya, that was horrible. I was so bored I had myself a traffic smack.
by hobo2000 August 01, 2007
Sex where one or both partners is so loud it sounds like a raptor shrieking. This can be due to either pain from S&M or the screamer just having an exceptionally good time.
I had a total Raptor Fuck the other day, me and sally were going at it and she was screaming so loud the whole building could here it.
by hobo2000 November 29, 2007
Having sex with a midget in a body of water which is then followed by humming the jaws music right before you cum and simultaneously taking a bite out of the midget and cuming.
I gave that midget from yesterday a tiny sharking, then enjoyed it right up until i took bite of her shoulder and a great white got her.
by hobo2000 September 05, 2007
During anal sex accidentally shitting upon the "pitcher" or the one giving the anal sex.
Maria gave John a Freudian Shit when he was giving it to her in the ass.
by hobo2000 November 29, 2007
1. When a man has large breasts usually from being extremely fat

2. Referring to an extremely bitchy woman

3. A general reference to any thing that sucks
ex1. Dude John has bitch tits

ex2. What the hell is up with that bitch tits?

ex3. dude that pizza was bitch tits
by hobo2000 September 05, 2007
The sexual act of defecating into another person's anus which is followed by the other person defecating back into the first person's anus.
I don't think there is enough alcohol in the world to get me to try babysitting.
by hobo2000 August 01, 2007
When you grab another persons chest( in particular either their breasts or where there breasts would be if they are aa male) then shouting "Second base (insert person's name) is a slut". This is uusually followed by high fiving who ever is nearby. It is best performed on an unsuspecting person for maximium hilarity.
Bob: I totally got Frank with a secondbase yesterday, he is such a slut!! (high five)
by hobo2000 August 01, 2007

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