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as a reference the the infamous massacre in South America, if you say something is a jonestown that means there a lot of people lying down outside, say at a slumber party or a beach
"The party looks like a jonestown with all the people lying out on the grass."
by hnt November 18, 2007
The act of yelling the phrase "whoodie whoo" at anonymous passing strangers of the opposite sex while driving around aimlessly. This is the creepiest possible pick-up line.
I was whoodie whoo'ing like crazy last night at some fine honeys!
by HNT February 25, 2008
Since oscar winners come out in december, the worst movies that follow in the next few months are january movies, movies that have no taste at all and just are released as filler before the good movies start coming out in may

White Noise
Alone in the Dark
Hide and Seek
Hannibal Rising
"I love the movie White Noise"
"Oh that's a stupid January movie"
by hnt November 18, 2007
a person who has become a complete idiot because of his addiction to drugs. however, for some reason, everyone still likes him
Lester is a dopeclown
by Hnt January 14, 2008
the kind of cops that men want to be when they join the force, cops like john mcclane from die hard and chuck norris.
"you came here just because you saw a glory cop on tv"
by hnt November 18, 2007

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