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n. specialist physician; an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon
1. Karen Allen was laughing so hard that she fell down and broke her wrist. She kept up the witty repartee even when seeing the orthopod at the ER.

2. It's ironic that Dr. Rosenberg broke his arm in an ice-hockey game, because he's the orthopod who treated Bobby Hull.
by hmakav December 02, 2010
A motorcycle ridden by a jock. A combination of "jock" and "crotch rocket".
"Did you see Alex? Not only is he on the football team, he's got a new jock rocket, a Yamaha YZ6! How much more of a chick magnet cliche could he be? Get a puppy, too?"
by HMAKAV November 13, 2007
A communal party drink mixed in a big plastic tub with ice, consisting of a fifth of everclear, a fifth of vodka, a case of beer, 6 Sparks tallboy energy drinks, 3 cans of frozen lemonade concentrate, and optionally four cans of Red Bull. Scaled up as necessary.

Also refers to a Memphis-style party where slamboozie is served, featuring women dancing wildly or bellowing Beyoncé songs at top volume in its later stages, finishing the night with a fast food run.
1) After the slamboozie, Jessica dropped the key on the way to the car, and used her cellphone flashlight to find it.

2) After passing the Bar, Cristina invited her BFFs to a slamboozie.

3) "Yo, girl, back away from the slamboozie, you don't want to end up a vodka whore!".
by hmakav July 02, 2009
A cellphone backlight used as a makeshift flashlight. Sometimes requires repeated keypresses to keep the screen lit.
1) After the party, Nicole dropped the key on the way to the car, and used her cellphone flashlight to find it.

2) Alex is such a nerd, he set his backlight to pure white so he can use his phone as a cellphone flashlight!
by hmakav May 03, 2009
Sarcastic, similar to "deal with it", or "tough luck".
(1) And I've bored you to death, but tough patooties, cause I love talking about myself. I'm self-centered, as if you couldn't already tell.

(2) As my dad used to say, tough patooties. Here, as the dissenters in Bush v. Gore noted, the courts are taking the next logical step on the equal protection...

(3) If I missed you this week, tough patooties. This stuff is hard!
by hmakav November 27, 2006
A contact parker is a person who parallel-parks by backing up until making contact with the car behind, and then pulling forward a bit.
"Wow, did you see Carrie's rear bumper? ... it's got a lot of dents and marks on it!"

"Yeah, what do you expect, she's a contact parker."

"My front bumper has a lot of marks on it because people in my neighborhood are contact parkers. Sheesh!"
by hmakav February 05, 2013
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