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a sign or any trace that math heads or the math club has been in the room. Usually sighted as long complex problems written on the board and the only thing you know about it is that a "dot" refers to multiplication. Sines of course is refering to the type of line that is to measure a wave.
-walks into home room-

tim: look at the Gang sines
matt: jesus...they are good
tom: 42..the answer is 42 not the square root of pi times 27 cubes....gosh...idiots
by history753 February 23, 2005
My friend Tim who works at Apple...and lets you know over and over and over. Has had many girlfriends and thinks he is a cassanova and maybe he is. BUTTTT he has the most annyoing chin hair (he calles it a goat-tee) anyway it looks more like chin pubs. So we use to call him Timmers but now its Chimmers.

Also he is the best friend a guy could have and truly loyal friend but walks into being made fun of and seriousally i cant help myself anymore.
Matt: sup chimmers
Tim: Yo, i work at Apple
Matt: I know
Tim: apppplle..soo cool\
Matt: yes
Tim: Me Apple lovers
Matt: =yanks on chin hair-
Tim: APPLE..i mean OUCH
by history753 February 23, 2005

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