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An unarmed American with healthcare.
cheers to being Canadian!
by hiqwertyhi August 17, 2011
the best town i know of (after spending 9 years there).

was a military base, still kinda is idk im no armyman

had a good pop company going, i think they sold it to pepsi. either that or coke idk but they still make 'sussex ginger ale.

the old train station is quite historic, but now it is one third museum one third open space and one third ice cream shop. the Sullys ice cream business. named after the sullivan family, who founded it.

they're middle school sucks. not the school, but the teachers. at least it was that way when i went there.

home of the atlantic balloon fiesta, a hot air balloon festival.

it's honestly just a small town with a lot of awesomeness.

sidenote... i think at least 40% of the people who live in sussex have disabilities. like, mental shit like autism and shit like that it's creepy...
guy 1: holy fuck! giant cows from mars!!!!!!
guy2: dude, calm ur boner its just daisy and buttercup, the two statues of cows marking the entrance to Sussex, N.B.

or, more commonly: Sussex?!?! where the fuck is that?!?!
by hiqwertyhi June 26, 2011

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