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1. to put off or delay

2. to leave things as they are; to not
change or disturb a situation.
1. I paid huge interest on the phone
bill cause I let it slide for too

2. I wouldn't fight over something
that stupid, best just to let it
by hipster July 06, 2004
describing something thats done inexpensively or on a tight budget
when we went on vacation in Europe a few years ago, we did it on the cheap, staying in hostels and biking around wearing our backpacks.
by hipster June 08, 2004
to leave or get away from somewhere, usually in a quick or urgent nature.

can also be worded in the form of a direct order.

"It's gettin kinda late, we oughta make tracks pretty soon."

"tell those guys to make tracks, they just can't crash a party uninvited!"

by hipster April 14, 2007
to be dragged into a situation, most of the time unwittingly, that you otherwise wouldn't necessarily want to be a part of

-from "winch", a device installed on the front of a watercraft trailer, consisting of a reel of cable turned by a motor, with a hook at the end of the cable, to pull in a boat or other marine vehicle from out of the water.
"Todd and his gf won't be able to join the rest of us at the cottage for the long weekend, somehow they got winched into helping his sister move.....suckers!!"
by hipster April 22, 2007
having had sex with more than one person. in other words, the moment you do the nasty with the person immediately following the one you lost your virginity to, you've gone national.
Calvin: "hey, when did you start going national?"
Hobbs: "last week with Bree, Ashley's sister.....I guess Ashley taught me everything I needed to know!" :)
by hipster September 09, 2005
what someone would say after hearing something of a positive nature (good news, a good idea etc.) to get more details on the subject.
Jenn: "Guess what, hun...we've got a flight to Cuba tomorrow morning!"

Mark: "Huh?? ohhhh....talk to me baby!!"
by hipster June 18, 2005
a response to an unfortunate occurence or anything with negative connotations
"The ONE day I call in sick at work, and the fucking boss, who happens to leave work early... sees me at the strip joint...go figure!!!"

"Whoaaa.....bad scene, dude!"
by hipster September 14, 2006

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