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She looks like an orangutan. Her early career consisted of her behind bars at the Zoo as Fufu the orangutan.
Man, mariah carey sure does look like she de-evolved back into an ape
by himynameisel April 01, 2009
Dumbass survivial guy who is too pussy to kill an animal in front of the camera even though that's not showing us survival at all.
He's also very good at miserably failing with his traps/fires.
The episodes I've seen of survivorman I dont think I've ever seen him successfully catch or kill any type of meat on camera
Also has to rely on always having at least something that could aid him (ie: a broken down car, boat, bucket, jam wtf?! etc.) which if it wasn't for that he would die within a matter of hours due to his lousy survival tactics
Bear Grylls kicks the shit out of Les Stroud cuz Bear just skydives into the wilderness with only a knife and builds a house out of feces and twigs where Les pretty much has everything given to him
by himynameisel July 01, 2009

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