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short for fuck you mean (short for what the fuck do you mean)

fym is used to show extreme shock or disgust in someone else's statement and used in 2 ways: as a question and as a statement.
True shit, I fucked yo bitch.

Fym you fucked my bitch?

I fucked her fym!
by himdude August 18, 2011
a feeling that occurs only when listening to Paramore, the best band ever!
"That's what you get when you let your heart win..."

by himdude August 18, 2011
Don't say a fucking word
Girl 1: hey hun, how was your date?

Girl 2: you won't believe what happened.

Girl 1: what, girl.

Girl 2: i shit myself.

Girl 1: GASP!

Girl 2: Dsafw!
by himdude July 26, 2010
the opposite of eye candy

someone who is good for you but isn't always pleasing in appearance
guy: Look there's my girlfriend.

friend: Damn dude your girl is kinda fugly

guy: I know man but we have a good realationship. She's an eye veggie
by himdude June 22, 2011

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