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dagotown is san diego, california. see daygo
as we kick it in dagotown
throw your hood up represent yoru town
hit the switch baby scrape the ground
turn it up and hear the bass boom down
we cruise low riders
hundred spoke tires
deep with southsiders

-mr sancho from the streets of cali
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK September 15, 2005
rednecks and a nice drive in.
hey lets to see bobby sue and her toothless hick husband
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK June 21, 2005
kanani is a pain in the butt. she is bad about answering emails, im's, and she cant climb out of the backseat of her grown ass boyfriend's car long enough to check her phone before she bitches you out for "not calling her." she is faulty and swacks grown men, college graduates with careers and probably a secret family also.
although this faulty ass trick has a bf who recieves social security checks in the mail, she is still a rider and she's still my hawaiian baby.
>>>and im not jealous of STEFAN.
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK February 15, 2005
a place in San Diego that was nice in the 50's, but now its dangerous.
if your smart, dont go to belmont park, its scary.
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK June 24, 2005
mira mesa high is the tightest high school in san diego. it is in mira mesa. the school is 90 percent asian and has over 3000 students (thats a lot of asians!). mira mesa high is in AC turf and AC pretty much runs the place, but this is not because they are the strongest, it is because the place is in their turf and they outnumber anyone that tries to mess with them.
mira mesa is the tightest place in san diego, and mira mesa high is the best school in san diego
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 27, 2005
the mascot for the tightest and best school in the world.. mira mesa high school in san diego
i went to mira mesa and it was tight
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 26, 2005
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