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i have been the victim of a scam and have suffered some ill result.
she told me this ring was real gold, but it's turning my finger green! i've been had!
by hiddenpaw February 19, 2009
The time spent in a public restroom after you poop, waiting for everybody to clear out so that nobody knows it was you who was pooping. Can be accomplished either by waiting for the bathroom to be completely empty, or by waiting until a new set of people come in who don't know you just pooped.
Woman 1: "Why did it take you so long in the bathroom?"
Woman 2: "I had to poop but these two girls were talkin' it up in the bathroom forever, so I was bathroom stalling for like 5 minutes!"
by hiddenpaw December 07, 2010
doing something that you think is helpful but that only makes the situation worse
She was trying to explain the situation simpler, but it was just like offering a drowning man a glass of water.
by HiddenPaw September 15, 2008
the short, sleek bob haircut that powerful women, such as lawyers and corporate types, often wear
that woman's wearing a suit and pearls and has a power bob. i bet she's important.
by hiddenpaw January 27, 2009
an expression suggesting acceptance of a difficult, frustrating or disappointing situation
I asked her out and she turned me down, but them's the bricks.
by HiddenPaw September 03, 2008
phrase used when the other person has proved your point wrong or otherwise contradicted you. indicates that the other person's statement is true while not conceding that your point was false.

usually said in a contemplative manner with a knowing head nod.

compare touche.
"Ooh, he his HOT! And he's TOTALLY into me."
"He's married. And I heard he has a third nipple."
"Also true."

"Abraham Lincoln was such a tool; he put people in jail for talking trash about the union!"
"yeah, but he totally ended slavery."
"Also true."
by hiddenpaw March 22, 2010
A mixed drink consisting of Dr Pepper and vodka. Inspired by a Russian novel of the same name by Boris Pasternak.

Usually better with regular Dr Pepper, but acceptable in Diet Dr Pepper too.
"Why are you drinking a Dr Pepper?"
"It's really a Dr Zhivago. I didn't want to drink Jack and Coke like everybody else at this party."

"I brought a flask with me to the concert and changed my Dr Pepper into a Dr. Zhivago."
by HiddenPaw February 13, 2010

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