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you ebile maen
by hi June 01, 2003
by hi July 05, 2003
The most annoying, idiotic, moronic loser in the whole world
Hey, you da biggestidioticboobintheworld!
by hi May 19, 2004
to virtually scream w/o using an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.
by hi March 14, 2005
abu dabu crabu fabu tabu labu shnabu
youre a damn byeoot WHATS UP NOW HUH, punk ill kill you
by Hi January 05, 2005
when you're banging some chick at her house, call her on your cell phone, and when she tries to answer the phone give her a nice donkey punch.
by hi May 15, 2003
A slang term for the Autococker Paintball gun.
Will you use your new cocker in the next game?

No I will use the old cocker, cuz the new one inst ready.
by Hi January 04, 2004

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