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the holy grail of handbags, made by French leather goods company Hermès. available in several types of cow & goat leather as well as ostrich, lizard, crocodile, alligator and toile. each birkin is made by hand by a trained craftsman & stitched together using a single continuous thread throughout the entire piece.
every fashionista dreams of owning a birkin one day, but only a few are ever able to purchase one
by hfsh March 26, 2010
an online forum for the discussion of handbags and related accessories like shoes, small leather goods, scarves, etc.
The Purse Forum can be dangerously enabling - after she joined, the fashionista's spending on handbags tripled!
by hfsh March 26, 2010
someone addicted to a luxury lifestyle, often to the point of being incapable of functioning in a "normal" environment
she's convinced that she's physically incapable of flying coach class - what a luxe junkie!
by hfsh March 25, 2010
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